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PRIVATE 40 – Crossing Boundaries

Through subjects which are hard, frequently morbid and often far from our everyday concerns, these photographers are taking on the primary role of the artist. They are revealing our deepest contradictions and expressing their dreams and the nightmares which we prefer to forget. Contrary to what has gone on before, the photographer is becoming an essential part of his images, to express himself, he reveals himself as much as he shows. (Alain Jullien)
Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm. § Photographers: Anabell Guerrero, Antoine Agoudjian, Boza Ivanovic, Christophe Agou, Claudio Cricca, Daniel Challe, Espen Rasmussen, Joseph Michael Lopez, Michael Ackerman, Michel Lozano, Paolo Verzone, Teru Kuwayama § Writers: Birgitta Jonsdottir, Chris Mansell, Monica Matei, Ana Elsner, Thachom Poyil Rajeevan § Introduction by: Alain Jullien.



For more than 10 years, Galerie VU’ has been promoting photographers of various ages, nationalities and inspirations. This issue of private magazine, which is dedicated to them, proves it. The portfolios presented here, as diverse as they are, have as a common denominator the notion of “mental geography”. Places, spaces and territories are considered, according to a double prospect – that of the artist and that of the world –, in their relationship to the spirit… (Galerie VU’)
Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm § Photographers: Anders Petersen, Anne-Lise Broyer, Denis Darzacq, Hicham Benohoud, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Jeffrey Silverthorne, JH Engström, John Davies, Lars Tunbjörk, Laurence Leblanc, Léa Crespi, Mathieu Pernot, Michael Ackerman, Nicolas Comment § Introduction by: Galerie VU’.


PRIVATE 48 | Economic inequalities

The pictures of this issue show economic inequalities as they are today in a way which breaks the stupor of indifference generated by watching antiseptic clean TV programmes of the main news channels. These pictures are a wake-up call, a reminder that we need to look again more closely, become more aware of what is in the real world rather than hide behind our inner screens of routine lives – so boring for the rich, so harmful for those excluded. (Raymond Saner)
Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm § Photographers: Anna Kåri, Benjamin Rusnak, Bertrand Meunier, Bijoy Chowdhury, Franky Verdickt, Ilan Godfrey, Jonathan Taggart, Kenzaburo Fukuhara, Martin Holik, Massimiliano Clausi, Max Sher, Nanni Fontana, Piergiorgio Casotti, Rian Dundon, Robert Knoth, Roberto Boccaccino, Rodrigo Cruz, Stephen JB Kelly, William Daniels § Introduction by: Raymond Saner



Spending time with the photographs displayed here is in many respects a learning experience: Ever heard of guano, and how it is collected? Or, of how cultivating silkworms in a former Armenian village in Turkey might symbolise the legacy of its former inhabitants? Or, that there is a Christian minority in Pakistan?
[…] These photos are meant to educate us. And they will, provided we are willing. (Hans Durrer)
Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm. § Photographers: Alexandros Demetriades, Bénédicte Kurzen, Brigitte Grignet, Eduardo Martino, Ernesto Benavides, Jean-Marc Caimi, Julien Pebrel, Kathryn Cook, Luca Catalano Gonzaga, Marco Garro, Martina Cristofani, Matt Eich, Michele Borzoni, Saiful Huq Omi, Zalmaï § Introduction by: Hans Durrer.



The photographers of this issue of PRIVATE untitled “Lost” use conceptual, surreal and anthropological photography to narrate inner landscapes of human beings.
Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm § Photographers: Adam Pańczuk, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Benjamin Goss, Carolyn Drake, Dorothy-Shoes, Hans Jacob Haarseth, Lori Vrba, Lyle Owerko, Matt Black, Mi Zhou, Roger Ballen, Ross McDonnell, Sarolta Bán, Stephen Dupont § Introduction by: Alain Leverrier.


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