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Title: IRAN today § Publication: Winter 2013-14 / Softcover / 76 pages / 20×24 cm.

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Photographers: Alireza Fani, Ebrahim Noroozi, Elahe Abdolahabadi, Gohar Dashti, Hamed Sodachi, Hamid Janipour, Hossein Fatemi, Kiarang Alaei, Mehdi Monem, Mohammadreza Soltani Tehrani, Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Roya Noorinezhad, Sara Naimpour, Shadi Ghadirian § Introduction by: Behzad Nejadghanbar.

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A City, A Land, A World by Behzad Nejadghanbar
“…The photos of this issue cannot and do not presume to be able to paint a complete picture of the country, but at least show a corner of the challenges people and artists face today and as such it is a worthy and important collection, set to endure. Without doubt, Iran’s new foothold in a changed political and social situation will make sure that we will soon enough see photographs with a wholly different air and feeling.”  (Behzad Nejadghanbar)


  • Gohar Dashti >  Slow decay
  • Shadi Ghadirian >  Miss Butterfly
  • Roya Noorinezhad >  Intercity Train
  • Ebrahim Noroozi >  Victims of forced love
  • M. Soltani TEHRANI >  The wind will carry us
  • Kiarang Alaei >  Even When We Do Not Know
  • Hamed Sodachi >  Bewitched
  • Elahe Abdolahabadi >  An Instant of Time and Place
  • Peyman Hooshmandzadeh >  Public Bath
  • Hossein Fatemi > In The Mud For Love
  • Hamid Janipour > Old Shalyar
  • Sara Naimpour > Best of our memory lies outside of us
  • Mehdi Monem > Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War
  • Alireza Fani > A Memorial For Today


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