From Poland

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Title: From Poland § Publication: Summer 2008 / Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm. § Photographers: Adam Kaczmarek, Adam Pańczuk, Andrzej Kramarz, Anita Andrzejewska, Ewa Andrzejewska, Grzegorz Dąbrowski, Jerzy Wierzbicki, Krystian Bielatowicz, Lukasz Trzciński, Maciej Plewiński, Michał Łuczak, Piotr Szymon, Przemysław Pokrycki, Rafal Milach, Witold Krassowski, Zorka Project § Writers: Christina Pacosz, Elisabeth Murawski, Katarzyna Boruń-Jagodzińska, Phil Boiarski § Introduction by: Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka.

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What is the state of Polish photography after 2000 then? This is a difficult question: today there seems to be a lack of meaningful currents and trends, and lots of authors borrow from other countries. However, the beginning of the 21st century became, especially for the young generation of photographers, a turning point when they looked to realism to portray Poland’s ever present dynamic changes, from the adoption of a new political system and a free market economy, to the participation in the UE and NATO. (Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka)

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