Title: GermanViews | Publication: 2004 / Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm.

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Photographers: André Lützen, Andreas Herzau, Andreas Pein, Christian Popkes, Claudia Janke, Esther Levine, Fergus, Georg Knoll, Hergen Schimpf, Ina Senftleben, Irina Ruppert, Jan Michalko, Jens Klein, Julia Baier, Kai Bornhöft, Kalle Singer, Oliver Soulas, Peer Kugler, Wolf Böwig.
Writer: Armin Huber, Helge Hopp, Helmut Ziegler, Jana Liebig, Jörg Böckem, Martin Fraas, Nico Spindler
Introduction by Robert Morat
Concept by Peer Kugler.

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