Time Moving & Storage. Special VU’ L’agence


Title: Time Moving & Storage – Special VU’ l’Agence | Publication: Winter 2001/02; Softcover; 100 pages; 24×28 cm | Photographers: Antoine d'Agata, Bertrand Desprez, Bertrand Meunier, Chema Madoz, Claudine Doury, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Denis Dailleux, Gérard Rondeau, Graciela Iturbide, Guillaume Zuili, Hien Lam Duc, Hugues de Wurstemberger, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Michael Ackerman, Olivier Pin-Fat, Pablo Cabado, Philip Blenkinsop, Serge Clément, Serge Picard, Stanley Greene, Stéphane Duroy, Zhang Hai Er | Writers: Alessandra Barbieri, Andrea Alessandro Di Carlo, Andrea Trombini, Christian Caujolle, Elio Talon, Elisa Biagini, Enzo Mansueto, Loredana Magazzeni, Lorenzo Marzaduri, Luca Gricinella, Marco Giovenale, Marco Tocco, Mario Desiati, Massimiliano Zambetta, Paolo Ferrara, Pierre-François Moreau, Sergio Rotino, Tommaso Lisa, Vito Calabretta | Introduction by: Christian Caujolle.

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… we simply hope that this selection will provide practical answers to the questions of those who want to know what the use of photography is at the beginning of the third millennium. And we hope it will bring you as much pleasure as matter for thought. (Christian Caujolle)

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