Fotografia Mexicana De Hoy


Title: Fotografia MEXICANA De Hoy § Publication: 2001 / Softcover / 84 pages / 24×28 cm | Photographers: Alberto Contreras, Alfredo De Stéfano Farías, Cannon Bernáldez, Cecilia Salcedo Mendez, Domingo Valdivieso Ramos, Federico Gama, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Julio Galindo, Laura Barrón, Marco Antonio Pacheco, Marianna Dellekamp, Martha Toledo, Odette Barajas, Oscar Gabriel Necoechea Gracia, Patricia Martín, Pavka Segura, Pía Elizondo, Vittorio D’Onofri, Ximena Berecochea Fernández | Writers Alfredo Colitto, Dionisio Hernández Ramos, Eduardo Lizalde, Giampiero Rigosi, Guadalupe “Pita” Amor, Jorge Pech Casanova, José Antonio Rodríguez, José Emilio Pacheco, Marco Antonio Velazquez Vergara, Mario Molina Cruz, Ricardo Duléz, Victor de la Cruz, Waldemar Noh Tzec. | Introduction by José Antonio Rodríguez. | Special thanks to Vittorio D’Onofri.

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A rich and profound change of Mexican photography occurred in the 90s.
This transformation, initiated by a young generation of photographers of the end of the century, changed the manner to consider photographic images. With these new forms of representation a certain “nationalist” vision, very much spread outside Mexico, praising indigenous communities and their life-styles, was put aside. (José Antonio Rodríguez)

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