Saint-Denis. Vertige Horizontal


Title: Saint-Denis. Vertige horizontal § Publication: Summer 1998 / 60 pages / 28×28 cm § Photographers: Albane Laure, Anna Rouker, Françoise Diallo, Gérard Monico, Jacques Dor, Jean-Michel Delage, Margery Clay, Maxime Godard, Patrick Creach, Sonia-Anna Lievain, Véronique Poczobut. § Writers: Caio Guardigli, Chiara Berlinzani, Danila Comastri Montanari, Enrico Acherchour Rosa, Arcelio Da Veiga, Inma Gallifa, Ismahen Touatit, Lydia Pinville, Michel Butor, Paul Clair, Trecy-N’Tanda, Tsogo Rosalie, Zouzi Chebbi Mohamed Hassen. § Special thanks to: Giovanna Calderoni, Mara Campana, Marco Giovenale, Gianfranco Mazzocchi.

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