Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo

Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo
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Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo was born in Cirebon, Jawabarat, Indonesia on August 6, 1997. He has an interest in visual arts since elementary school. He often draws the back of his textbooks. In junior high school he started playing with his mother's pocket camera by photographing various things around him, especially his beloved cat. There was no seriousness in photography and still pursue his hobby of drawing. Later, in 2015 he did have full of interest in photography because of the influence of his close friends. From that time on, he learned various types of photography. By the end of 2016, he had an interest in street photography because he can express and tell a lot of things. Until now he is still learning about street and documentary photography and his work is heavily influenced by poetry, literature, philosophy, and social issues.


During the day, a group of people perform a routine which is also the source of their livelihood. They work every time to scavenge garbage.