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Valeria Pierini

Valeria Pierini, 1984, is a young Italian artist graduated in Mass Communication at University of Perugia. Through photography and video, Valeria works on the themes of the dream, philosophy and literature. She teaches photography and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works have been widely selected in many festivals and competitions and published by many magazines.

Wonderland Affair

I approached the Arctic undergoing its visual and scientific-literary charm. In deepening my knowledge of it through anthropology and non-fiction…



Artist residency in Derry / Lodnoderry


Vago nel folto di tempi in delirio

The title (a transposition of a lyrics by Marlene Kuntz) exasperates these questions bringing us into a philosophical journey that…


365 days (selection)

365 days are a metaphor of an infinite time, of all the possible lives that identify us, sometimes deluding ourselves…



In this project, the only narrative component is visual alignment between images. I took mild images where subjects are decontestualized,…



I recreated ambiguous world exasperating this two concepts. The observer tools for granted that they exist, but their veracity can…

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