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Urma Natali

I'm a mom of three beautiful kids. I work at the university. I love nature, music, poetry, photography. Mostly I take pictures of children, and recently became interested in macro photography. It's like a separate world. It is interesting and fascinating.

Life in a frame in pieces

I was born in this world, not knowing, like many, many people, what lies ahead of me. The world seemed…


From dust and ashes

Who and what is a person? It's a mystery to me. They say that a person's life is priceless. In…

One Photo Story

The lone tulip

But its life is short, like the life of a flower, it quickly loses its strength and external beauty. at…

One Photo Story

Christmas card

Adults become children too. But this happens once a year.


I can’t say “Goodbye”

A great life starts from the childhood. Certainly, everything changes. We as grown-ups have to make rules and live by…

One Photo Story

Is genius it’s simple…

All genius is simple...In this still life, there are no lush bright colors, there is no rich vase, ordinary glass…

One Photo Story

Sunflowers of the artist

Van Gogh's Sunflowers. His business card. What do these Sunny flowers mean to the artist

One Photo Story

Projection of my world

Projection of the world. Use for good. And then our Earth planet will definitely thank everyone…

One Photo Story

Live for life

To live for the sake of life itself.This ordinary flower, among the dried grass, reminded me of the main thing.

One Photo Story

Moonlight Sonata

When alone in this world, only music can warm the soul

One Photo Story

Insect flew into my house

It insect flew into my house to be a model for my photos. she wants to tell the world how…

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