Tatyana Kolbatova

Tatyana Kolbatova
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Independent photographer. Lives and works in St.Peterburg, Russia.
Education • Higher: 1992 - Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Economics; 1975 -Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Physics.
Photographic Education • 2016-2019-A courses of E. Vasilieva; 2014−2016 – Educational program at Photodepartament foundation, (St. Petersburg): «Theory and Practice of the contemporary photography», «Overcoming the Photography», «Open relationship»; 2013−2017 – Educational Foundation St. Petersburg photographic workshops; 2011−2013 – Basic, then advanced photography course.
Participation in group exhibitions • 2019 – The Diary Of The Other; 2017 – The feeling at home (St. Peterburg); 2016 – When I appear. Curator vs photographer (St. Peterburg); 2016 – Present time happens (St. Petersburg); 2013 – The Kolomna (St. Petersburg); 2013 – Colour of the time (Petrozavodsk).
Books • “CITY' S AUTOBIOGRAPHY” (collective book, 2018).

Deja vu

In this project Tatyana Kolbatova makes an attempt to come to terms with the loss of a loved one after years. «In this project, I combined photos from the family archive of my husband's expeditions to Antarctica with pictures I took in Iceland, many years later, to show the state of déjà vu, which I experienced.»


Exit to

Tatyana in her work draws fantastic word of her home Petrogradsky district in St.Petersburg. She treats this space as tesseract or four dimensional hypercube.