Tatyana Kolbatova

Tatyana Kolbatova
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Independent photographer. Lives and works in St.Peterburg, Russia.
Education • Higher: 1992 - Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Economics; 1975 -Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Physics.
Photographic Education • 2016-2019-A courses of E. Vasilieva; 2014−2016 – Educational program at Photodepartament foundation, (St. Petersburg): «Theory and Practice of the contemporary photography», «Overcoming the Photography», «Open relationship»; 2013−2017 – Educational Foundation St. Petersburg photographic workshops; 2011−2013 – Basic, then advanced photography course.
Participation in group exhibitions • 2019 – The Diary Of The Other; 2017 – The feeling at home (St. Peterburg); 2016 – When I appear. Curator vs photographer (St. Peterburg); 2016 – Present time happens (St. Petersburg); 2013 – The Kolomna (St. Petersburg); 2013 – Colour of the time (Petrozavodsk).
Books • “CITY' S AUTOBIOGRAPHY” (collective book, 2018).

Deja vu

In this project Tatyana Kolbatova makes an attempt to come to terms with the loss of a loved one after years. «In this project, I combined photos from the family archive of my husband's expeditions to Antarctica with pictures I took in Iceland, many years later, to show the state of déjà vu, which I experienced.»


The parallels

Tatyana Kolbatova traveled through the space and time in three different cities. Imaginary constructions reflecting reality are becoming it them selves.


Exit to

Tatyana in her work draws fantastic word of her home Petrogradsky district in St.Petersburg. She treats this space as tesseract or four dimensional hypercube.