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Studio 14 was born in 2016 when 4 photographers with different focus and specialization decided to start a joint-project.
The founders and members are Marco Sartori, Andrea Arcidiacono, Alessandro Castiglioni and Massimiliano Pescarolo, and their mutual goal is to create photographic reports by taking advantage from the individual skills and focus.
Each member has a different and peculiar background and the team’s trait d’union is the love for photography.
The aftermath of the recent growing popularity of the digital photography and related tools has been shaping-out a confused boundary between photography and image-processing, Studio 14 aims at telling stories through the pictures. Images do not need to be raw to shock and impress, opposite, our aim is to preserve people’s and places’ dignity and identity by means of the photography. Studio 14 is synonimous to telling stories.