Finding Intimacy with Elinor Carucci

A seven day intensive workshop in New York under the guidance of Elinor Carucci.

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Master in Fotografia di Ritratto con Lorenzo Pesce

Un Master per approfondire le varie tipologie di ritratto, sviluppare un linguaggio personale e comprendere gli sbocchi professionali della fotografia ritrattistica.

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IDEAS INTO ACTION: workshop con Mathieu Asselin

This 2 days workshop is specially designed to structure the practical challenges that come with photography projects.

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The Documentary Project with Matt Eich

PWNY is very proud to present a new workshop format for its 2018 edition: the site specific collaborative workshop. From August 1st to August 10th, 2018, “The Documentary

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Workshop with Phillip Toledano | Being Personal

In this workshop, Phil Toledano is looking for people who’ve started a deeply personal project.

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Workshop with Anastasia Taylor-Lind | Creating intimate long-form narratives

This workshop is directed at photographers interested in working on long-term personal documentary projects with a focus on individual story development.

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Workshop with Richard Renaldi – New York City: a sense of place

The workshop’s main objective is to provide students with a technical and conceptual fluency that they may apply within their own practice.

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Stories of The Landscape with Adam Panczuk

A workshop with Adam Panczuk, which takes students through a fast-paced shooting project in Warsaw, Poland…

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The Personal Narrative with Michael Ackerman

An intensive workshop with Michael Ackerman, which focuses on guiding students towards a photography that transcends.

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The Expanded Image with Stefano De Luigi

During this 3 day workshop participants will be guided in discovering the full potential of a photographic project through editing, group critiques and discussions and…

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