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My name is Soumyabrata Roy, a Tehatta based documentary photographer. I've studied Diploma in Photography (2019) from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math (University of Calcutta) - Diploma with grade ‘A’ & rank 3rd in University. I am Work Now Freelance Photojournalist at NurPhoto Agency (L’Aquila, Italy). I was one of the runners up of Empowering women with sustainable energy photo contest organized by European Union “EuropeAid-WOMEN-ENERGY” (Brussels) and exhibited in European Development Days. My photos has been Exhibited University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada)‚ Chania Photo Festival (Greece), Intriguing Illusions ‎(Drik Gallery, Bangladesh)‚ Se@ Experience’ (Georgia). My photo published in Don't Take Pictures magazine (USA), Musée magazine (USA), Better Photography magazine, Shortlisted for Photographize magazine (USA) etc. Semifinalists at “Duemila30 Youth Film Festival (Milan, Italy)” for a Sustainable Revolution, organized in collaboration with the UN (2019).

The Cheap Ambulance

Thousands of people of different ages, gender, religion and caste travel together huddled against one another sweating, eating, chatting together and dozing off peacefully on the shoulders of strangers in the compartments packed up with people.