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Shaibal Nandi

I am an amateur photographer and have taken it as a passion. I practice photography for last 2 years seriously beside my profession as an Administrator in govt. sector. I like street, people's photography and try to cover social/cultural/ religious events of my country. Love to listen music, watching movies and travel.
One Photo Story

Tribal Children

The photo was captured in a remote tribal village of Purulia district of the state of West Bengal, India. When…

One Photo Story

Osprey with prey

An Osprey bird is flying with a fish after catching it. It was taken in a remote village of Burdwan…


Celebration of Gajan Festival in West Bengal

The unique feature of this celebration is that here villagers pierce iron rods into their bodies, and tongues and crucify…

One Photo Story

Mother with her children

It is taken in a remote tribal village where people are very poor and innocent. The depend only on agriculture…

One Photo Story

Paddy drying by women

Paddy drying as a part of processing into rice. Female Workers are spreading boiled paddy under open sunlight for drying.…


Office Sanitization

Complete sanitization work in an office. It seems to me that Covid-19 virus has brought a new culture of keeping…

One Photo Story

Way to Literate

Interest in literacy in remote tribal village

One Photo Story

Paddy Drying

Three labourers are spreading paddy in a big open space under sunlight for drying.

One Photo Story

Splash of Colour

The environment was so colourful by spread of colours during holi festival. People use red, yellow colours and play for…

One Photo Story


  28/09/2019   KOLKATA   India   Shaibal Nandi Hindu devotees are offering to their deceased ancestors with water of…

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