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Shafkat Anowar

Born (1996) and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am currently an undergrad student in University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College. My aim is to complete my Associate degree from Kapiolani Community College by 2018 and get into a four years University to complete my B.A in Mass Communication. To me, photography is to communicate. Interact with people, and letting the people talk through his photos. I am an emerging photographer, trying to learn basic compositions of photography and desiring for a stable position as a photojournalist.

A 48 Hours Bangladeshi Wedding!

A 48 Hours Bangladeshi Wedding!, photo essay by Shafkat Anowar, from Honolulu, United States. On the stage of a Bangladeshi…


Human Minds of Waikiki

Some doings about people of Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Photo Essays

Sitting by the window!

During the night time, the windows come up with strong and contrasted reflections which knocked my mind.

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