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Born (1996) and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am currently an undergrad student in University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College. My aim is to complete my Associate degree from Kapiolani Community College by 2018 and get into a four years University to complete my B.A in Mass Communication. It was grade 9 when I was influenced and motivated by some renowned photographers and especially my cousin to do something with the camera. Although my earliest photographs were nothing more than a straightforward and ordinary click. I have eventually admitted to “Pathshala South Asian Media Institute” for a primary and a foundation course in photography. After that, the journey with the camera continued till now. I have always seen photography like the one and only passion. Most of the time, my photos are focused on the general people in the streets. Sometimes any notable events around the city are his subject of interests. To me, photography is to communicate. Interact with people, and letting the people talk through his photos. I am an emerging photographer, trying to learn basic compositions of photography and desiring for a stable position as a photojournalist.

A 48 Hours Bangladeshi Wedding!

A 48 Hours Bangladeshi Wedding!, photo essay by Shafkat Anowar, from Honolulu, United States. On the stage of a Bangladeshi home wedding in Hawaii. Speaking of ethnic cultures found in Hawaii people mostly highlight the ones frequently observed and celebrated.