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Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve is a Bangladeshi journalist and photographer. He is currently employed by The Business Standard, a Bangladeshi daily, and also contributes to The Diplomat, an international magazine focused on Asia-Pacific politics and current affairs. Saqlain is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Media Studies and Journalism at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.
One Photo Story

The candy floss seller

This is a picture and story of a minor candy floss seller from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


The cycle of darkness

We know education is the light. Education is the path to freedom. Some are do not want to get education…


The risky jump

Many unprivileged children can be seen at Chandrima Udyan. They come from nearby slums.It is always seen that they are…


They want a rape free country

A report about recent anti-rape protest of Bangladesh.


Milon Memorial Library

This a feature post about a village boy who has founded a library on his village.


An evening at Jamuna riverside

Jamuna is one of the biggest rivers of Bangladesh.Some evening moments from beautiful Jamuna riverside.


Before 1971, After 1971

A post about Bangladesh's victory year 1971.

One Photo Story

Life is so speedy

Human life is so speedy. Born to young,young to old then death. But we can't notice the time between born…


Victory Day of Bangladesh

Some moments from Bangladesh National Martyr's Memorial on 49th Victory day of Bangladesh.


People are for people

This a report about a non-government organization who are helping the unprivileged people for the last three years.

One Photo Story

Once a fighter always a fighter

  15/04/2020   Gazipur   Bangladesh   Saqlain Rizve In this situation of our contry our doctors, police,army and journalists…

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