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Salah Benacer

Salah Benacer

Salah Benacer does not correspond to the typical portrait imagined for the photojournalist, even though this designation is not quite exact as far as he is concerned: it would be more appropriate to talk about essayist photographer or photographer of essays. Essays in touch with reality and the drifts of individual and collective stories, prepared thanks to important documents regarding culture, study of the population and economy of the country, preceding a work in the field during about five weeks.

The Berikas, “bandits” of the road

If you drive through the Georgian Caucasus in winter, you might be stopped by men in the road. Armed with…

Photo Essays

Salah Benacer | The 24 Rooms

C’est l’histoire d’une violence silencieuse lorsque personne ne comprend plus rien mais qu’une autre logique prend le dessus et broie…

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