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Katarzyna Rybarczyk

Political Correspondent for Immigration Advice Service, I write articles about the struggles of communities living in low and middle-income countries and I take photographs showing the reality of daily day life there and the emotions of people I meet.

In Lusaka’s Matero Compound, Poverty Is the Main Barrier to Education

Although education is a basic human right, UNICEF estimates that in Zambia at least 800,000 children are out of school.…


In India’s Buddhist-Majority Leh, Muslims Mark Ashura

As Muslims worldwide observed Ashura on Tuesday 9 August, a procession took place also in India’s predominantly Buddhist Leh.


Revolutionary Mural Art in Baghdad

Baghdad Iraq In 2019, Baghdad was shaken by massive anti-government protests, the largest since the US invaded Iraq in 2003…


Laughter in Darashakran Refugee Camp

Darashakran refugee camp, home to around 13,000 Syrian refugees, is located less than an hour drive from Erbil, the capital…


Daily Life in Rural Kenya

  Kenya This series of photographs depicts scenes from everyday life in a small village in central Kenya. There, people…

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