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Ruggero Passeri

I was born in Rome in 1950. Self-taught photographer, I begun to use a camera when I was 13. I exhibited my photos for the first time in 1983, at the Roman gallery "Il Fotogramma". In 2008 my collection of portraits of artists and intellectuals was hosted by the MUSINF in Senigallia. In 2010 I received the "Targa Città di Senigallia" award. In 2011 my "Kaputmundi" was exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna, and later at the Dante Alighieri Society in Salzburg. In October 2013 the House of Literature in Rome exhibited my work "In cerca di Tommaso", 25 images based on "Una Vita Violenta", a novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini. My images have been published on "Il Manifesto", "Corriere della Sera", "Alias", "Fotografia Reflex", "Il Fotografo", and many on line sites.

A First of May celebration in Portugal

I found myself on 1 May in Barcelos, Portugal, where Workers' Day coincides with a traditional procession for the Feast…


The great human shape of Istanbul

This is a report from a short visit of mine to Istanbul in January, 2023. These ten images could look…



Roma Italy I have taken these images in a few months during this year. At the beginning I had no…


The Hort Maze

Hort's Maze is a game path created on the outskirts of Senigallia, in the middle of a large plantation of…


Festa Minima

Chiamarlo un anno difficile è un eufemismo. Nessuno se lo aspettava, che potesse succedere. Vivevamo belli incartati in una limitata…

Economic inequalities

Via Condotti, Rome, Italy

Via Condotti is one of the most famous streets in Rome. I have spent many days trying to fix images…

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