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Regan Good

[b.1967] Regan Good is a poet and writer living in Brooklyn, New York.

The Death of a Lot: A Thriving Bed-Stuy Corner Killed for the Legal Tender

Once a garden with a clubhouse where cookouts and conversation were had, everything died the minute a developer stepped in…


Evidence of the Invisible on New York City Streets

This short photo-essay is a look at the many ways Brooklynites address and interact with the invisible, be it perceived…


The Vanishing Murals of Bed-Stuy

Bed-Stuy’s "gravestone murals" are not sanctioned public art; therefore, they have no protections. When we lose these murals, what have…


A Street Mural Examines Modern Slavery

In the historic neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, murals exist to keep the community together– and to help it remember.

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