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Rahul Sharma

An avid photographer and retoucher, I am the founder of Jimretouch. I understand that we all need high-quality, compelling images that stand out from the crowd, images that evoke emotion, desire and even dreams and that's what is 'The Image Effect'
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Men are supposed to be strong… Men don’t feel pain

07/11/2022 Haryana India Boys at an early age are being conditioned to be strong.After all they have to be the…

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Respect for what they are

22/01/2022 Noida India With a heart filled with patriotic fervour, you stop the car and buy what they are selling,…

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Chasing the shadows

04/01/2022 New Delhi India Shadows are everywhere around us. A reflective photographer, loves playing with shadows and waiting for the…

One Photo Story

The Yellow-Orange Hue

09/12/2021 Noida, Uttar Pradesh India Catchy yellow-orange light reminds us of something in Universe that is the supreme source of…

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Subz Burj – visible yet invisible

04/12/2021 New Delhi India Despite being so very visible, so familiar, this tomb can’t even be identified by most people.…


Humayun’s Tomb- footprints of history on pages of time

Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is one of the places I had always been fascinated since I read about it in…


The Grandeur of The Minar – Heritage Walk at Qutub Minar

I call myself a Delhite but I am so unaware of my beautiful city, a city that makes me fall…

Photo Exhibition

An evening with Islamic mysticism

Qawaali, the physical and musical manifestation of the Sufi religious tradition having its roots in intending to bring everyone involved…

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Every book has a mood

24/11/2021 Uttar Pradesh India One of the most magical parts of books, is the power to make us feel less…

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Fresh Morning

13/11/2021 India While driving to work, we are so occupied with the events that happen and how the day is…

One Photo Story

City lights on City Heights

04/11/2021 Uttar Pradesh India As I was on night stroll, I came across beautiful lights capturing the spirit of festival…

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