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Behind the wall

Today, when our country, is becoming more powerful, desirable, economical balanced place in world, the position of a women has remained the same, actually it has

Photo exhibition

Photo Exhibition by Newsha Tavakolian

A view of a microphone and an empty stage in Tehran © Newsha Tavakolian for the Carmignac Foundation Photo exhibition Newsha Tavakolian Venue details: Chapelle des Beaux-Arts de Paris, 14 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris | Official Website | Event date > from 13-05-2015 to 07-06-2015 | Opening hours: Monday to...

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Workshop with George Georgiou

© George Georgiou Workshop: “Urban Geographies. Storytelling” with George Georgiou Main Location: LINKElab via A.Avancini n.8, Milan 20142, Italy, Map It | Official Website | Workshop Calendar: May 30 to June 2, 2015 Photography Workshop with George Georgiou “How different people use the city through the day, how new layers of architecture, signage...


Large Format Photography

Workshop Large Format Photography 4X5 & 8X10 negative exposure, development and contact printing. Main Location: Via della Miniera, 10, Loc. Miniera, Urbino 61029, Italy | Official Website www.urbinoartvillage.com | Calendar: August 4th-14th  A photography class dedicated to people fascinated by the use of large format cameras and passionate about the traditional silver...


From Shades to Tones

Often forming the vision of the world, people and life we come from confidence, joy and hope to uncomfortable feelings of disappointment, sick and fear. Trying to tell a kid our way

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En surface

© Laëtitia Donval Exposition et présentation du livre En Surface de la photographe Laëtitia Donval Venue details: Moulin de la Filature, Rue du Moulin – 36300 Le Blanc - France | Official Website: www.naturehumainephoto.fr Event date > from 18-04-2015 to: 28-06-2015 | Opening hours: de 14h à 18h Nature Humaine...


La Guajira

La Guajira Desert is a vast, beautifully unaffected area in northeastern Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea. This region’s amenities are bare bones and unassuming…



Photo essay by Pedro Isztin. Spirit, you are separate from the container of your impermanence. Through patience and attention, your subtle presence is revealed…

Photo exhibition

Alexander Gronsky exhibition

Siege of Leningrad, 2013 From the series: Reconstruction. © Alexander Gronsky. Photo exhibition: Alexander Gronsky Venue details: The Wapping Project Bankside, 37 Dover Street, Ely House, W1S 4NJ London | Official Website www.thewappingprojectbankside.com | Event date > from 14-04-2015 to 29-05-2015 | Opening hours: Monday - Friday - 10.30am - 6pm, Saturday -...

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London, October 2010, © Giovanni Del Brenna Photo exhibition Ibidem Venue details: Gogol & Company, Via Savona 101, Milano | Official Website | Event date: from 09-04-2015 to 26-04-2015 | Opening hours Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm Le cose non si abitano veramente, non coincidono più né con i loro luoghi né con i propri confini. Dubitano di...

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