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Saint Petersburg, Russia, Marine Museum, 2004 © Klavdij Sluban

The point of equilibrium, workshops with Klavdij Sluban

The goal of this workshop is to learn how to identify the singularity of a finished or in progress work, how to improve and affirm one’s personal style.


Internet City, 2008, série Dubai Transmutations, © Martin Becka

En Écho, les Photaumnales 2015

Les Photaumnales 2015 rendent hommage à Hippolyte Bayard, né dans l’Oise et proposent de découvrir les artistes d’aujourd’hui qui s’emparent des procédés d’hier.

© PatrickZachmann

Documentary Photography. Workshop with Patrick Zachmann

The aim of the workshop is to learn and improve how to build a documentary reportage by covering a story defined with Patrick Zachmann. Refine storytelling and story composition by analyzing real-situation problems, images analysis, editing and captions writing.

They pray to god for their better life.

Behind the wall

Today, when our country, is becoming more powerful, desirable, economical balanced place in world, the position of a women has remained the same, actually it has


A view of a microphone and an empty stage in Tehran © Newsha Tavakolian for the Carmignac Foundation

Photo Exhibition by Newsha Tavakolian

The Carmignac Foundation presents an exhibition of work by the Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian, 5th winner of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award. Newsha Tavakolian’s reportage focuses on the feeling of claustrophobia experienced by the younger generation in Iran. Taking as their common thread the theme of a family photo album, her photographs depict young middle-class people […]


Workshop with George Georgiou

Photography Workshop with George Georgiou “How different people use the city through the day, how new layers of architecture, signage and street furniture add to what was already there. How different social, economic and ethnic groups appropriate, shape and adapt to the city.” George Georgiou on his project Last Stop. A unique four-day intensive photography experience on […]


Large Format Photography

A photography class dedicated to people fascinated by the use of large format cameras and passionate about the traditional silver gelatine process. This course is organised in ten days and will bring the students to understand in depth the use of large format cameras, how to expose film using a spot light-meter, how to develop […]

Absolutely Untitled

From Shades to Tones

Often forming the vision of the world, people and life we come from confidence, joy and hope to uncomfortable feelings of disappointment, sick and fear. Trying to tell a kid our way


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En surface

Nature Humaine pour la photographie met à l’honneur la nouvelle série et le livre En surface de la photographe Laëtitia Donval fruit de sa résidence à Le Blanc (36). Laëtitia Donval photographie avec l’errance pour méthode et le désir de plonger dans l’inattendu du quotidien. Fascinée par l’autre réalité du miroir, son travail s’imprègne d’incertitude pour […]


Punta Gallinas, Colombia - November 2014. A local man shows tourists the sights around Punta Gallinas, that only someone who lives there would know about, and how to get to without clearly defined roads.

La Guajira

La Guajira Desert is a vast, beautifully unaffected area in northeastern Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea. This region’s amenities are bare bones and unassuming…


Canada, 2009


Photo essay by Pedro Isztin. Spirit, you are separate from the container of your impermanence. Through patience and attention, your subtle presence is revealed…


Novye Mytischi, Suburbs of Moscow, Russia, 2010 From the series: Pastoral, © Alexander Gronsky.

Alexander Gronsky exhibition

The Wapping Project Bankside is pleased to announce Estonian photographer, Alexander Gronsky’s first exhibition with the gallery. Gronsky’s Pastoral series of large format photographs of Moscow’s suburban areas are reminiscent of the arcadian images created by 19th century landscape painters and reconstructs them in a way that jars with the romantic representations of a bygone […]

London, October 2010, © Giovanni Del Brenna


Le cose non si abitano veramente, non coincidono più né con i loro luoghi né con i propri confini. Dubitano di se stesse e di noi e quindi diventano, istantaneamente, teatro. (Carole Naggar) Gogol&Company presenta una personale del fotografo Giovanni Del Brenna, che sarà presente la sera dell’inaugurazione, giovedì 9 marzo. La mostra, realizzata in […]

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