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Pritam Dutta

Pritam Dutta

Pritam Dutta is an independent photographer who currently lives in Kolkata, India. His professional career started as a software engineer, but he decided to make a change to pursue his true passion for photography. Pritam now uses photography as vehicle to understand and help depict issues that puzzle him, and satisfy his passion for learning.

Celebration of Chhaath, an ancient Hindu Vedic Festival

Kolkata India Chhath¬†is an ancient¬†Hindu¬†Vedic¬†festival historically native to the¬†Indian subcontinent, more specifically, the¬†Indian states¬†of¬†Bihar,and,¬†Jharkhand,Uttar Pradesh¬†and the southern parts of¬†Nepal and…


The Making of Goddess Durga

Kolkata India Durga Puja is the biggest festival for Bengalis worldwide and it all starts with the idols from these…



During the lock-down period stuck in home my mind traveled through my dreams and thoughts.I have tried to frame the…

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