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Paolo Bona

Paolo Bona, was born in 1970 and began work as a photojournalist in 1993 working primarily for the Milanese daily ‘Il Giorno’ In 1994 he began a 13-year freelance association with the ‘Omega Fotocronache’ agency specialising in sports photography. In 2009 he became a stringer photographer for Thomson Reuters. In 2011 he started to contribute sport images to the agency Italy Photo Press. In 2012 he joined the LUZphoto agency.

Family Quarantine

But the silence that enveloped us has encouraged me to lay my eyes within the home, where I could tell…



I had talked about Iran to many people and they had always told me that (even if they had never…


La Desolata

La Desolata is a female religious procession that happens during the Holy Week, precisely on the day after Jesus Christ's…


Free Spirit

He choose the name of Simeone as a monk, beacuse like this old Jewish man, mentioned on the Luca’s Gosplel,…

Photo Essays

Little family of Monte Sole

In 1944 at Monte Sole, on the Bologna’s Appennino mountains, Casetta and Podella were 2 farms producing cereals, fruits and…

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