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Ann Nikonenok

My name is Ann, I am a free artist from Siberia. Photography for me is the best way to be in the moment. I believe that the camera in my hands can change the world through beauty and mindfulness.
Ecological question

Calm. Norilsk, a city at the point of no return

Here people have different values. People are only concerned with how to survive until the next vacation, buy a ticket…


Just feel

When the words end, the music is beginning.


Vision, a special gift to see the beautiful in the ordinary

See the beautiful in the ordinary. Vision is a special gift to see the beautiful in the ordinary. It is…



Who lives in Siberia feel this especially keenly, when bright and eventful days are replaced by the time of rains…


The real routine life of Kikimora

The project shows the real routine life of Kikimora.



The Universe is tired and screams us for help in extremely ways.


A moon of nickel and ice

I tried to show the global problems of humanity. Nothing passes without a trace, this must be remembered when you…

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