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Muhammad Hidayat

Muhammad Hidayat (b.1982) is a photographer living in Aceh, Indonesia. He has known photography since 2009 and started to explore it in early 2015. His work basically explores all psychological questions that have not been answered and searches for the deeper darkness of his soul. He has published one photo book independently called “The Sounds of Dream” and three zine photos. His works can be found through publications on BURN MAGAZINE, 121clicks.com, Street Photography Magazine and more.

Another Story From Home

Another story from home is a journey to re-experience experiences and childhood memories. Through this story made me realize that…

Photo Book

The Sounds Of Dream

Photo Book, The Sounds Of Dream by Muhammad Hidayat Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 48 | Size:…


Takengon the coffee producing village

Takengon, one of the largest coffee suppliers in Indonesia. Located over 1200 meters above sea level. The average population depends…


Amazing Rapa’i Dance

Rapa’i, dance an ethnic dance from Aceh, Indonesia, is characterized by the heavy use of a native tambourine, accompanied by…

Photo Essays

Blurring and Motion

I tried to record and freeze some photographs in public areas in several places…

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