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Monkeyphoto Zine

MONKEYPHOTO is a four-handed photographic project by Alessandro Ciccarelli and Danilo Palmisano, currently working on periodical photographic zines. Monkeyphoto is proudly one of the founders of Funzilla, Rome Photozine Festival. For info about the services, submissions or any further info please fell free to contact us…
Photo Book

“Uno” by Simona Ghizzoni, a photozine published by Monkeyphoto

“I am obsessed with the vertigo that is created when we sense that the habitual / natural order of things…

Photo Book

Monkeyphoto releases “Erehwon, CaMg(CO₃)₂/CaCO₃” a posterzine series by Alessandro Ciccarelli

The folded posterzine creates a sequence of diptychs decided on by the author. However, with no binding, it is also…


In Deep Water

a secret close to another secret

Photo Book

Monkeyphoto releases the latest project of Alberta Aureli, “The Sheltering City”

The first story begins in a bar in Rome. I want to go to Tangier’s. “Tangier’s of Thieves” someone says.…

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