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Varvara Shinkarenko

(1983), I’m a self-taught photographer, originally coming from Russia. I’m not a great talker, so trying to explain and express the way I see the world around me through the lens. I really love what I’m doing. It’s a great antidepressant. It keeps my head clear and fills it with something really good…

The Silk Road

Cultures, traditions, discoveries and diversity.


Le bel âge

Acceptance of your mature beauty. What is aging for you? Are you afraid of getting old? Wrinkles? Blue, grey hair?


Take me to Arts

Art and people. People and Art. Art, intimacy, human creative skills, imagination and me. Take me away from the hustle…


I look at the streets. I look at them

People trust you by letting themselves to be in front of your camera, to be the part of your memory…


Your final destination? Damascus, Syria

It’s been long 9 years since my last visit to a beautiful country named Syria. The country which gave me…


When my niece was born

In my photo diaries, I try keeping records of people's faces, try to catch their moods, and the atmosphere of…


“My Irish days”

There’s no drama / or complicated story behind “My Irish days” photo series. It's just everyday life and people in…

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