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Md. Shamim Shahnewaz

Md. Shamim Shahnewaz is a Software Engineer and Documentary Photographer. As a human being, he wants to find social issues and the impact on defenseless people in society. He believes that photography has an impact on society and its development. So, his dream to become a documentary photographer.

Growing Untitled!

These children are living in a bank of Turag river. They are vulnerable and living in poverty. They don't have…

One Photo Story

Hygiene is only for a few people!

  06/06/2020   Dhaka   Bangladesh Today at afternoon workers are repairing the main road of Mirpur 13 without wearing…

One Photo Story

Do they know what is COVID-19?

Two street kids are playing with a tiffin box and enjoying their time. Government decides to hang up the lockdown…

One Photo Story

A Big Red Alert!

  04/04/2020   Dhaka   Bangladesh   Md. Shamim Shahnewaz The red alert of the COVID-19 outbreak has been taken…


The Shelter has been Burned

In the last eight months, fire accidents occurred three times and more than two thousand shanties are burned into the…

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