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Maria Kanata

I grew up in Amfissa in the Delphi area, in an atmosphere full of art with a father who was a painter, so it was almost inevitable to follow in his footsteps. I studied sculpture and ceramics in Italy and worked for several years teaching art at school. Photography has entered my life in recent years and I am passionate about it. Through it I try to capture my thoughts and get inspired from my subject and the socio-political environment. The political meaning in photography in our time and the way we can contribute through the image to the presentation of reality with honesty without embellishment but with empathy, is our duty. The crisis in Greece and the situation in the whole country are issues that both concern me and affect me. My subjects are mainly about day life and the need of people. About living in an environment that is constantly being degraded.
Ecological question

Polluting the environment+

In the last few years I have been involved in agriculture and especially in agricultural crops, and I end up…


Forbidden Era

World political power turns against the ideals of the Enlightenment, seeking to turn man into a beast…


The fear of the other

Due to the situations that humanity is currently experiencing, what prevails is fear: of the other, of the next door…

Economic inequalities

Lockdown vol 2: Who will protect us from our “protectors”?

Unfortunately, we live in a "monstrous era" where fear and brute force have become the weapons of the dominant applied…


I stay home, I do not stay voiceless – Quarantine days

we stay at home, but the renowned ''individual responsibility'' does not absolve the state from its collective and social responsibility...


The Monitoring

Using myself as a model, I create a narration of impasse and mental pressure.


Greek country side timeless convention

The pictures wants to capture the reflection of a society in a cultural and social recession that unfortunately has become…

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