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Lorenzo Cerbone

I like to tell stories. Mine too. I always ask myself, taking a photo, what my vision of the world is, and what I portray. Without excuses, but with my point of view. Good or bad it is.

Just a woman’s choice

Trieste Italy It is very difficult to get into a woman’s emotions. Indeed, just impossible. One evening I imagined how…

One Photo Story

Just a selfportrait

14/02/2022 Trieste Italy The sequence frames my son two weeks ago. By the sea near the house, in the middle…


Cops, closely followed

Trieste Italy Policemen.The vision we have of them seems simple. From the outside, through the media, watching movies or TV…


Non sempre serve lo sguardo

Gli sguardi negati. Puoi negarteli ma ci sono. il tuo punto di vista c'è sempre.


Transitions. Swallow anger, and convert it into opportunity

It happens for various reasons, life choices, acquired rights of others, rights that you deny yourself.


Children in the Jewish community of Trieste

The eyes of children have no experience, they see things for the first time, they welcome lights and shadows without…

Ethical question

Wall of Dolls

Wall of Dolls is a permanent installation that takes up an Indian tradition whereby every time a woman suffers violence,…


Penelope’s last journey

Penelope's last journey. Even for your last trip, we had to do it together. There will be no one like…

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