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Lia Mageira

Born in Greece and based in Athens. Lia has attended courses on Art and she is a holder of a degree from the University of West Attica, Greece. Her focus is on Travel Photography, History and Culture.
Short stories

The Iron Bed

All women of my family gave birth lying on the iron bedall women of my family passed away lying on…



The only sound I can hear in Zirou Lake is the rustling of the leaves falling into the water. An…


The Shipwreck of the Coast

Gytheio, Laconia Greece At Valtaki beach, a little further from Gytheion town, in the southern Peloponnese, a ship rots in…


Jesus Christ was resurrected in Drapetsona

In 1950 Drapetsona in Piraeus harbour was the neighbourhood of the refugees, the immigrants, the poor people, the men who…


A roadtrip in the path of Greek National Resistance against Nazism

A beautiful route in Greece is in Evritania area. The route is also a journey in the History of WWII.


Reflections in Stephaniada Lake

The small lake Stefaniada, the youngest in Greece, was formed by a landslide. The reflections on its surface are enchanting.

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