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Lia Mageira

Lia Mageira

Born in Greece and based in Athens. Lia has attended courses on Art and she is a holder of a degree from the University of West Attica, Greece. Her focus is on Travel Photography, History and Culture.

The Shipwreck of the Coast

Gytheio, Laconia Greece At Valtaki beach, a little further from Gytheion town, in the southern Peloponnese, a ship rots in…


Jesus Christ was resurrected in Drapetsona

In 1950 Drapetsona in Piraeus harbour was the neighbourhood of the refugees, the immigrants, the poor people, the men who…


A roadtrip in the path of Greek National Resistance against Nazism

A beautiful route in Greece is in Evritania area. The route is also a journey in the History of WWII.


Reflections in Stephaniada Lake

The small lake Stefaniada, the youngest in Greece, was formed by a landslide. The reflections on its surface are enchanting.

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