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Since childhood, my soul has lived on the street, and although I had a house, I was a rare guest in it. This fact that influenced my work today. I am captivated by street shots in the moment, a flash of random stories, street constants. With my photographs I want to show people whose eyes are open, but they see little that is interesting nearby. Last 2 years doing NFT art.

Goats: intelligent or idiots?

Have you ever think are goats intelligent animals or very stupid? This story is about the goat which was living…

One Photo Story

Childhood in village

How village helping for kids development and behaviour in future

Short stories

Kiss of spring

Supportment of flower


Life in small turkish town

Life in a small mountain turkish town - Osmaneli.

One Photo Story

Old door

Each old thing has a story to tell, has a history...

One Photo Story


This photo is from my childhood. I was a super star in my kindergarten which was in my native land…

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