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Gianluca Riggi

I'm a photographer and videographer from Italy. I shoot a wide variety of subjects, trying to stop moments and sensations in a search that presents various contaminations, from painting to music and cinema too, with predilection for dreamlike dimensions and spaces where nature takes over. I observe reality through what I like to call "the eyes of the child", letting myself be amazed by everything I meet and that makes me fantasize. I am interested in an "emotional" type of photo, a kind of image capable to tell a story, communicate or stir a mood, evoke memories or an unexpected rapture. I am passionate about people, their experience, what they convey. I love to focus on the little shades that make every human being unique.
One Photo Story

What is essential is invisible to the eye

24/02/2024 Sora Italy Giorgio is a friend of mine and he became blind very young.He tells me how his perception…


Watching Alice

There is a man watching a woman getting dressed year after year. She appears to be trapped in a palace…

One Photo Story


This picture is inspired by Ovidio’s metamorphosis 16/09/2019 Cardito Italy

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