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I believe in the power of the image - it fascinates me. My father was a DP in film productions. Thus, due to stimuli in childhood, growing in an environment full of perceptions from Cinema, I've learned to respect the seductive power of the story which resides inside the image. After finishing my studies in Photography, I studied Film Directing, passing from Stills to Motion pictures. All my stories and characters are real, but at the same time, they might be fiction or dreams. I aim at informing the audience about the characters and their world and to initiate the viewer towards different interpretations of the structure and the outcome.
- Film Directing/Film Studies, New York College / Dept. of Film Studies, Athens, Greece.
- European Studies, Hellenic Open University / School of Humanities, Department of European Studies, Greece.
- Photography, Michigan State University / Dept. of Art, Art History & Design, (Distance Learning Academic Programs).

Cats of Istanbul

It is said that Cats know that God exists… Mistreating a cat is regarded as a severe sin in Islam. Religious scholars acknowledge that cats embody the indescribable chaos of the universe.