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I am from the most beautiful place on the planet, from Odessa. Being person from HR I like all about people (cooking good food, visiting nice places, meeting kind people). I truly believe that the bigger the problem the wider the smile and the dark sense of your humour always brings to the light side of your mood.
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Normal Friday evening blackout

This is our way of defeating uncontrollable circumstances and a situation that we did not choose. We are getting stronger…

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The legacy of old Batumi is a beauty that needs to be preserved

18/05/2024 Batumi Georgia There are streets, areas or parks in some cities that you want to return to again and…

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Capital city smoky rainbows

Our leaders spend so many efforts and resources to achieve some targets, but still regular people life depend on old…

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Pillars of new reality

The basement of the house is still firm and strong but other modern building technologies change our realty. You can…

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Spring freckles

Not only people have freckles in spring. Some buildings have sun kisses too. 08/04/2023 Odessa Ukraine

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Inspired by Van Gogh

Any place may inspire you. The place you see during the dinner may look different every evening. Sometimes I see…

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Batumi sky track

02/10/2022 Batumi Georgia Seems that skyscraper endeavouring to heaven meet the skyvehicles. I hope they never meet each other.

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Batumi baywatch hard Monday

26/09/2022 Batumi Georgia Early autumn in Georgia. Tourists are almost gone but rescue team on a beach still on watch.…

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Underground Zagreb

The photo is taken in the underground tunnel of old Zagreb City. This huge construction was made during the WW2…

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After midnight, or war, or next season

21/05/2022 Batumi Georgia These machines sleep now and wait for users who will return tomorrow or may be never. After…

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