Sulina, Romania, November 2017. View of the harbour with a obsolete factory on the left.
Sulina, the Danube delta
by Jacopo La Forgia

In November 2017 I went to the end of the Danube river, where it meets the Black Sea. There lies the small town of Sulina.
Since 2007, when Romania entered the European Union, it lies on the most eastern border. I got there with a old ferry, after a 4 hours trip on the Danube. I was coming from Tulcea, the main town of the region which is 71 km away. Once, when the Commissions of the Danube were working, Sulina had a florid economy, but now that they do not exist anymore, all the traders are gone. Sulina is now almost completely isolated.

Christi the painter

When I got there a short and tough bearded man approached me and asked me if I need hospitality. “Christi the painter” is how he asked me to be called. He took me to his place and offered me to stay on his sofa for a few lei. He slept in a room full of his strange and desolate paintings, picturing fishes and old boats.

The old Soviet

I spent in Sulina a couple of weeks, exploring the old Soviet town and the country around it. I saw more horses than people, animals lost in a nowhere land. An empty church inhabited only by cats. People drinking medicines. Mud and rust.

The man in the picture has medicinal alcohol in his hand, which he drinks pure.
Two men are checking the quality of the terrain, before the next planting season.
A schoolyard during the recess.
The orthodox church of Sulina.
A man in the backyard of his house.
People playing backgammon.
A man is caressing his horse before he leaves it outside for the night.
After 10 pm almost everything is closed and only a few people is still on the streets.
A schoolyard.
A man who works in a big commercial vessel coming from Turkey.
The Black Sea.