Gianluca Ceccarini

Gianluca Ceccarini
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I studied Anthropology and in all the field research I've always used the camera because I am convinced that images have the strength to tell the complexity of reality often more than words. The images are semantic containers, the photos are always dense structures of meaning. "…behind every image there is always another image" (D. Crimp). I'm interested in photography when it tells stories, especially if the stories are out of the ordinary. Some of my shots have been used for anthropological articles in specialized magazines, essays and museum installations. The passion for Anthropological research and Ethnographic photography has inevitably brought me closer to Street Photography and to projects of Visual Storytelling, convinced that among the different photographic approaches there are many convergences and stimulating possibilities of interconnection.


Le modalità del vivere del pastore transumante si alternano tra stabilità e precarietà, l’attaccamento sedentario alla terra e l’essere nomade in continuo movimento



I heard her talking and trying to build stories of his past in front of a photo or a personal object. A story of alzheimer and loneliness.