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Arnab Ghosal

1972 born, self-taught lens-based artist practicing from Santiniketan, INDIA. I started my photographic journey with film rolls and darkroom chemicals during my school days and still continuing with contemporary digital mediums. My works circles around topics related to ruins, architecture, urban space, and the memories of life. My images show abundance and loneliness, diptych or triptych Images involve exploring the concept of the fluidity of space, the non-linear movement of time, and memories focus primarily on the early stages of the architecture and its absence presently. Lens Culture HOME'21 finalist, Awarded PX3 2017 HONORABLE MENTION by le Prix de la Photographie Paris, Prafulla Dahanukar East Zone Gold Award for Photography 2018, Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, Mumbai, 2018, CIMA (Centre of International Modern Art) Infosys Merit AWARDS 2019. Kolkata, 2019, Best Work in New Media & Installation in Annual All India Fine Art Exhibitions, Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata, 2019 and others. See more » Featured on LensCulture
One Photo Story

Needle Story

10/11/2022 Santiniketan India The role of the fashion industry in the global carbon emissions is well-known, yet the waste of…

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