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Giulio Azzarello

I am 45 years old, I live and work in Palermo city where I was born. I have been an independent photographer since 1996. I have collaborated in cinema and theater as a stage and set photographer in 21 long and short films. I worked as a correspondent photojournalist for AGF (photographic journalistic agency) in Rome for almost 10 years, at the same time with Rosebud2 in Milan but for a period of 3 years. In 2015 I followed the Milan Expo and the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2017. For 10 years I collaborated with the Sicilian Puppet Opera with Maestro Mimmo Cuticchio. I love contemporary art, cinema, avant-garde theater, classical and modern painting.

Palestine is alone

A short trip in the Palestinian territories by Giulio Azzarello freelance photographer from 1996.

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