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Fatemeh Baigmoradi
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Fatemeh Baigmoradi (born in 1984) is an artist born and raised in Iran. In 2012, Baigmoradi moved to USA. She received her Master of Arts in photography at University of New Mexico in 2017, and in 2008 she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography at University of Tehran. The themes of loss and identity define much of the work that she has made. These themes emerge both directly and indirectly. Transitions in her life, both physical and emotional, have been critical in her work. Since 2005, she has participated in more than 30 shows in countries like United States, Iran, England, France and China.

It’s Hard to Kill

My parents have only a few photos of themselves from before the Islamic Revolution in Iran. My obsession with these photos, and with the photos we do not have, led to this project: It’s Hard to Kill.