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Carolina Dutca
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Carolina Dutca [b. 1995] is a documentary photographer and artist specializing in long-term projects on human rights. Her work involves conceptual and street photography, photojournalism, video and installation. Born and raised in the breakaway republic of Transnistria (Moldova), many of Dutca's artworks are deeply personal – reflecting on her background and drawing on the experiences of herself and her subjects with discrimination, domestic violence, xenophobia, feminism, and social and cultural stereotypes. Two major documentary photography projects from within Transnitria have been completed recently – NO SILENCE raised the issue of LGBTQ+ discrimination and The Places of Violence investigated domestic violence. Also she has postmedia project Fem#In andThe Point of No Return (installation). Ongoing projects located in Moldova and Transnistria include Doska pochiota (multimedia) and The Decisive Moment (conceptual).


The personal project about loss. We are born and die alone, but I still see you in dreams. You asked me to look at the sky more often after your death. In these moments, I can always hear your voice.