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Dmitry Ermakov
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Dmitry Ermakov is a visual artist working with documentary photography, art photography, photo books. He was born in Moscow in 1978. Worked as a writing journalist in 2004−13, then as a visual journalist. Since 2017 he switched to longer stories and projects. In 2018 he graduated from Fotografika documentary/art photo academy in St. Petersburg. In his stories, Dmitry deals with cultural codes of people and communities, exploring the themes of collective memory and personal identity. Some of his projects are related to ecology and post-industrial culture. Dmitry uses both film & digital equipment.

River under Earth

The story of almost forgotten traditions of Russia's first inhabitants, the Finno-Ugrian people. The European part of Russia was originally populated mostly by Finno-Ugrian people, not by Russians. Many of our customs and tales came from these people. And our roots as well.