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Dipayan Bose
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Dipayan Bose (1992) is a Kolkata based documentary and street photographer. After completing his graduation, he started photography as a profession. He has worked as a freelance photographer under many organizations. Now he is a photography lecturer in ICAT DESIGN & MEDIA College, Chennai. According to him, Documenting human life, social issues, and environmental stories through photography is not only a documentation process but also it’s a proof of a time or incident. So it’s a responsibility to keep the truth through the lense for future references.
Irrespective of housewives and girls take part in this job. They collect the stones from the hilly region and break it into small pieces. © Dipayan Bose

Life in a quarry

Almost five years back, when Ajodhya upper damp was being constructed, if Japanese engineers didn't leave those unused stones in the valley, the scenario could have been different.