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Debmalya Choudhuri

Debmalya is a visual storyteller who likes weaving tales through imagery. He believes that photography is a powerful medium of change in the coming century and can shape and reshape opinions and ideas. Photography is not just about one moment, it is also about the aftermath and the past of the moment. Working as a social entrepreneur and photojournalist has enabled him to think deeply about societal concerns and he wants to portray his viewpoint through use of his imagery.

Fragments of the Dying Man

Fragments of the Dying Man is a diaristic narrative born out of love and loss that attempts to look at…


Existence – An Ocean Within

This is an unpublished work as of now -a part of my ongoing photo book project whose visualization began long…

Photo Essays

The Day that Wasn’t

These images are not a part of any newspaper agency/press as they are simply to denote the chaos and the…


Life in the Wastelands

Kolkata, one of the most important economic and cultural hubs of India. A concrete jungle of sky high buildings, swanky malls…

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