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Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan is a writer & photographer. His works focus on a wide range of area including cultural diversity across countries. This gave him the opportunity to research & photograph a varied group of people and places. As a result, his artistic style and capabilities evolved over the years. Which he is constantly using to develop a body of work that includes various cultures, people and places.


43 yearshe’s seen it alltasted joyfelt kindnessfought warsembraced despair, chaos, hatred,defeat.had triumphlooking back, a smile appearsis there anything left ?then…

Ethical question

No country for an Atheist

Bangladesh I’m an atheist. Currently, I reside in Bilpar (বিলপার), Sylhet, Bangladesh. Many say Bangladesh is a secular country, but…

Short stories

I Feel Home

I feel home when there’s a pouring rain and thunder keeps striking,I feel home when there’s a sea beneath me…



Saifan, an 8-year-old boy, faces significant challenges due to his hearing impairment and inability to walk or talk. His daily…

Short stories

Distance between 27th floor to the Ground8

It felt like my left side was hit by a something soft, like a soft blab of meat. I could…

Short stories


In this troubled times of COVID-19, giving a fresh perspective on the situation from a veteran war journalist.

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