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Antonis Giakoumakis

I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Now I live in Athens. I deal with photography (I would say systematically) since 2012, since then I was "absorbing" ... with the Information Technology! "Photography of me is all I do not want to forget when I experience them, so they will not get lost in time.

Women’s glances in … around

Wandering around the corners of Greece, I unconsciously captured with my lens mainly women’s looks. I’m not looking to find…

One Photo Story


10/04/2022 Aigina island Greece A familiar face,within a breath’s distance.Bright, all alone, dim.Unknown, unique. We see each other.We exchange searching…


The iconostases

  Greece “Small temples” built on the side of the roadon the mountain near the cliff,testimony of pain and mourning,sometimes…



Human's looks, glances. From open windows doors that open. On the road. Through the glass faces, souls are mirrored. Like…


Traveling To My Memories, To My Hometown

My memories, my hometown. Around every corner walking each alley, without much difficulty, you can find the pieces that link…

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