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It’s Hard to Kill

My parents have only a few photos of themselves from before the Islamic Revolution in Iran. My obsession with these photos, and with the photos we do not have, led to this project: It’s Hard to Kill.

Photo exhibition

Jean-François Joly – Terres d’exil

À la fin du Moyen-Âge, d’étranges voyageurs arrivent en Europe, qui se disent originaires de la "petite Égypte", faisant à rebours l’itinéraire des Croisades. D’où viennent-ils ? Qui sont-ils ? On les appelle "bohémiens", ou "Égyptiens".

News & Events

Out of Tibet

This project is a book of photography and a traveling exhibit that will unite visually the Tibetans in exile who are displaced all around the world.

Photo book

Olivier Jobard “Kingsley …”

Kingsley, jeune camerounais de 22 ans a traversé l’Afrique subsaharienne puis l’Atlantique sur une embarcation de fortune avant d’entrer clandestinement aux Canaries. Aujourd’hui, il vit en France.

Photo exhibition

Shelter – Henk Wildschut

As part of the program “RESTER PARTIR, le voyage impossible” co-produced by Marseille-Provence 2013, Voies Off Gallery presents Shelter, a photographic project of the dutch artist Henk Wildschut.

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