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PRIVATE 18 – Time And Memory. Magnum Photos

Special issue of PRIVATE dedicated to MAGNUM Photos Agency. Title: Time and Memory – MAGNUM Photos. Publication: 2000 / Softcover / 100 pages / 24×28 cm. Photographers: Alex Majoli, Bruce Gilden, Carl De Keyzer, Chien-Chi Chang, Donovan Wylie, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, James Nachtwey, John Vink, Josef Koudelka, Kent Klich, Larry Towell, Luc Delahaye, Ma Xiao Hu, Nikos Economopoulos, Paul Lowe. | Writers: Chiara Cretella, Daniela Manzini Kuschnig, Elisa Biagini, Franco Romanò, Giacomo Cerrai, Massimiliano Zambetta, Rita Garzetti. | Special thanks to Sergio Rotino, Marco Giovenale, Fiammetta Cirilli, Francesco Morandin.

Ecological question

Edge of the wild

Rivers, human beings and forest create a strange bond in Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest located at the delta region of the river Ganges. The rivers nurture and support both



Sofia offers a “waterproof” scenario to me, a planet where it is difficult to walk light, a spectral beauty wraps the city where live togheter: sadness, beauty and extravagance. (Photo essay by Sara Munari)

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