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PRIVATE 18 – Time And Memory. Magnum Photos

Special issue of PRIVATE dedicated to MAGNUM Photos Agency. Title: Time and Memory – MAGNUM Photos. Publication: 2000 / Softcover / 100 pages / 24×28 cm. Photographers: Alex Majoli, Bruce Gilden, Carl De Keyzer, Chien-Chi Chang, Donovan Wylie, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, James Nachtwey, John Vink, Josef Koudelka, Kent Klich, Larry Towell, Luc Delahaye, Ma Xiao Hu, Nikos Economopoulos, Paul Lowe. | Writers: Chiara Cretella, Daniela Manzini Kuschnig, Elisa Biagini, Franco Romanò, Giacomo Cerrai, Massimiliano Zambetta, Rita Garzetti. | Special thanks to Sergio Rotino, Marco Giovenale, Fiammetta Cirilli, Francesco Morandin.

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Dhaka Street Portraits

Dhaka is world famous for its urban density. The only mass transit mode in Dhaka City is bus. Recent survey expressed that Dhaka's traffic congestion is among the heaviest in the world.

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Behind the wall

Today, when our country, is becoming more powerful, desirable, economical balanced place in world, the position of a women has remained the same, actually it has

Ecological question

Edge of the wild

Rivers, human beings and forest create a strange bond in Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest located at the delta region of the river Ganges. The rivers nurture and support both



Sofia offers a “waterproof” scenario to me, a planet where it is difficult to walk light, a spectral beauty wraps the city where live togheter: sadness, beauty and extravagance. (Photo essay by Sara Munari)

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